Join us in building a community of Austin cyclists.

Attorney Shefman is not just an injury attorney, she is also a person who rides bikes, motorcycles and gets around town on foot. As a community, we are all on the streets every day and know the realities of riding, bicycling, and being mobile in Austin, first hand. Let's get out there. Let's ride and be mobile. Just know we're here for you when you need us.


Back-to-School Bike Safety Tips

Summer is winding down, and for many students this means that classes are about to start back up in full swing (if they haven’t already!). If you will be riding your bike to class, here are some important tips to remember to help keep you and those around you safe as you start back to school. 1. Inspect your bike.… Read more →

Angry drivers can put cyclists at risk

Some thoughts on road rage

Road rage is no laughing matter. Austin cyclist E. Scott recently found this out the hard way when dentist Jerry Milner became angry that Scott was riding in a traffic lane (the bike lane was overgrown with vegetation). After yelling at Scott, Milner allegedly pulled in front of Scott and slammed on his brakes. This caused Scott to fly into… Read more →

Photo by Alex Thomson via Flickr

Get ready for the Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally

We here at CyclistLaw are really excited about the Republic of Texas Biker Rally, which is coming to Austin this weekend (June 11-14, 2015). With all of the negativity that has surrounded biking recently, we look forward to stepping out and showing the world what it truly means to be a biker on the road these days. Look for us,… Read more →


Bike To Work Day is May 15, 2015!

Join us this Friday, May 15, 2015, for Bike to Work Day. Cyclist Law will be at Ozone Bike Dept. handing out breakfast tacos and swag. Come fill your belly and say hi, we love meeting other cyclists! Also, make sure to check out our video on Shefman Law for some safety tips before heading out tomorrow morning. In addition,… Read more →

Full Use of Lane for Cyclists in Texas

Cyclists are considered vehicles and are allowed full use of a traffic lane. Riding to the far right where there is inadequate room for a vehicle or where debris or other dangerous conditions exist is not necessary. Cyclists are more likely to be seen in the center of a lane. Also, cyclists using the full lane are less likely to… Read more →

Bike Advocacy Organizations

Being represented by a skilled bicycle accident attorney means you will be represented by someone who knows what it is like for cyclists on the road. As cyclists, we worry about getting “doored,” right-hooked, and our bicycle lanes just disappearing as we ride. Please get involved by becoming a member of your local bicycle advocacy organizations. Bike Austin is working… Read more →

How to avoid getting doored

When a driver swings open a car door without first properly checking for cyclists, serious bodily injury and even death can result for the bicyclist or motorcyclist. Riding within three feet of a car door can result in getting “doored”. Bicycle lanes create buffer zones between bicyclists and car doors, whereas streets without proper bicycle lanes often force bicycles to… Read more →

Hit-and-Run Bike Crashes

If you have been injured in a hit-and-run bike crash, hit-and-run pedestrian crash, or hit-and-run motorcycle crash and you and/or witnesses can identify the vehicle or driver that hit you either directly or through circumstantial evidence, then you should contact CyclistLaw immediately about your case. Where there are no witnesses and you or your loved one was injured beyond the… Read more →

Austin Bicycle Law

Austin City Ordinance: Bicycle Traffic Regulations (Please check Austin Ordinance website for updates) VEHICLE TRAFFIC RULES A bicyclist shall comply with the requirements of this title imposed on a driver of a vehicle, to the extent that the requirements may be applied to operation of a bicycle. § 12-2-12 OBEDIENCE TO TRAFFIC-CONTROL DEVICES. A bicyclist shall obey the instruction of… Read more →