Cyclistlaw is the personal injury firm that riders roll with.

Imagine having a personal injury lawyer by your side that not only loves to go toe to toe with the fiercest opponents (and win), but a real person who gives a damn about people, who understands human nature and wants, more than anything, to help you tell your story. Lenore Shefman, founder of Cyclistlaw, knows the streets like you do. She’s spent a whole lot of time in them… on two wheels or two feet, and there’s literally no one better to help you navigate this next crucial move.
Austin personal injury lawyer - Motorcycle - Bike - Pedestrian

Lenore Shefman is a force. She’s a brilliant, unrelenting, unapologetic beast of a litigator. Practicing since 2000, her mission is to protect the rights of vulnerable road users: motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

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WHAT TO DO IF YOU’RE IN AN ACCIDENT: If you’re able, take out your phone and record anything and everything possible. Then call Cyclistlaw as soon as you can.

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