2017 Cyclistlaw -Honesty, Integrity, and Hard Work Scholarship Award Announcement

The 2017 Cyclistlaw – Honesty, Integrity, and Hard Work Scholarship Award announcement.

We reviewed each and every application, transcript and essay sent to us for consideration. This is our first year providing a scholarship to a high school graduate or student attending college. Cyclistlaw’s  scholarship was available to any student graduating high school or in college, anywhere in the United States.

We were pleased, since the announcement of the scholarship in early 2016, to have received so many amazing applications. After having read each of them it was still difficult if not seemingly impossible to decide who should get the scholarship.  Every application gave great attention to the essay submitted and that was my favorite part of the review process.  Every applicant seemed to really need the scholarship we offered and want it. The essays were excellent, creative, and definitely given great thought and deliberation.

I worried so much over the decision, I started to call on the phone short listed applicants to discuss additional fine points about their application.

The Winner of the Honesty, Integrity, and Hard Work Scholarship is:

Kashaf Fatima is the winner of this year’s scholarship. Kashaf is a 12th grader at Houston’s Alief Taylor High school. As a student, and community member, Kashaf has demonstrated outstanding academic desire, interest, and pursuit. I took great pleasure in reading what she wrote in her essay.  Her application and essay demonstrated great honesty, integrity and not only a past of hard work but a perseverance and demonstrated continued pursuit towards more hard work.

This was such a fantastic experience learning about the young minds interested in making our world better and their plans for contributing to the future. We will be providing another scholarship next year, so if you did not receive this year’s scholarship, please apply next year.

Congratulations! Kashaf Fatima.


Lenore Rae Shefman


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