Ellyn Lobato, Survived a Highway Crash on Her Motorcycle

With second degree burns over most of her body, looking at the police report, even though it was a hit and run, the report made it seem like it was her fault. “So, I am looking at all of this and I am saying to myself, what do I do now? This wasn’t my fault. But, I don’t know how I am going to be able to prove that to anybody.”

0:02 Hi, My name is Ellyn Lobato and four years ago I was in a motorcycle crash.
0:08 I was commuting to work on MOPAC there was some traffic on the roads like 50 mph um,
0:14 when I was struck from behind.
0:16 I was trying to make a lane change, signaled, checked my blind spot, and the car that was
0:21 behind me chose to speed up and cut me off.
0:25 He ended up hitting me.
0:27 He fled the scene.
0:29 Did not stop to render aide.
0:30 But, we did have somebody there who witnessed everything and was able to follow him, so
0:37 authorities were notified and that part was taken care of, the crash itself left me with
0:44 2nd degree friction burns, or road rash all over the majority of my body.
0:50 It took the next 8 weeks or so to heal from that and I still have lots of scars residual,
0:58 but, that process of healing is considered burns.
1:01 So, consider burns, going to a wound care clinic and having those, all the different,
1:08 there was like forty or so different individual wounds had to be tended to daily.
1:15 So, it was this long process of everyday having to kind of re-open the wounds in order to
1:21 get them to heal properly.
1:25 There was of course substantial damage to the bike, but by the time I did heal, I found
1:32 I had some of the documentation like police report and things like that and all of those
1:38 documents kind of put me at fault.
1:40 So, I am looking at all of this and I am saying to myself, what do I do now?
1:44 This wasn’t my fault.
1:45 But, I don’t know how I am going to be able to prove that to anybody.
1:50 So, I was referred to Lenore Shefman and Cyclistlaw group by a mutual friend.
1:57 From Day 1 of sitting with her she was able to put me at ease, not to say that this would
2:04 be easy by any means but, she believed in my story.
2:08 I was just going through a daily routine of riding.
2:14 It wasn’t my fault.
2:15 I didn’t do anything wrong.
2:18 So, we then spent the next three years or so going through the process of settling ultimately.
2:28 The driver had a colorful history, DWI, he was not a driver that, I mean, he…it was
2:41 his fault and everything we uncovered fit that picture.
2:45 But, ultimately we did settle.
2:49 I was able to in that settlement to receive the money I needed to pay all of the medical
2:54 bills, all the burn and wound care, things I was able to fix like my bike and able to
3:00 kind of close that chapter and move on with my life.
3:03 I do still ride and I am fortunate to be here still riding.
3:08 It is a passion.
3:11 While there are days that I feel nervous or there is ..I have changed the way that I ride
3:17 for sure, but, at the end of the day, I am happy to be here still doing that.
3:23 I wouldn’t still be able to do that If I hadn’t had the experience of meeting Lenore and getting
3:30 things taken care of, so…that’s my story.
3:33 Thank you.


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