How Many Millions is it Costing Austin Taxpayers for Fatalities and Injuries on our Roads

What is the cost to the City of Austin for not having safer infrastructure to prevent fatalities and people from being seriously injured on our streets? Injury and fatal crashes cost over half a billion dollars each year to City of Austin taxpayers. What is half a billion dollars? 500 million. With all the zeros that is $500,000,000.00.  Serious injury and fatalities are disproportionately affecting vulnerable road users, people walking, riding bicycles and motorcycles.

If we were to build 800 miles of new sidewalks that is how much it would cost, half a billion dollars. Begs the question, how many miles of sidewalk do we need? The answer is 2,270 miles of sidewalk are needed and presently missing.

If we were to insert 7000 pedestrian hybrid beacons that is how much it would cost, half a billion dollars.  How many do we need? You can help answer that question by using the Vision Zero ATX and 311 crowd sourcing applications to instruct the City on where the most danger lies in your opinion.


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