Meet a Cyclist Injured By a Distracted Driver, Her Story is Incredible

Meet Rachel Dobos. Rachel was injured walking her bike in a cross-walk. Hear from her how the distracted driver hit her at 40 mph, how she survived, coped, overcame, and is still pedaling.


0:04-my name is Rachel dobos I am 32 years
0:08-and about two years ago I got hit on my
0:10-bike in a crosswalk at 40 miles an hour
0:14-by a driver who was distracted by
0:17-texting on her phone which resulted in
0:20-me pretty much completely destroying my
0:23-face I had that nasal reconstructive
0:26-surgery from severely breaking my nose I
0:30-split open my eyebrow pretty bad and
0:32-severe road rash it looks pretty
0:36-hopeless at the time because even though
0:39-it was in the middle of the day and it
0:40-was clearly not my fault
0:43-I had no health insurance and I was
0:45-pretty banged up I could work for quite
0:48-a few weeks and the recovery was awful
0:52-as far as the reconstructive surgery
0:55-goes so I talked to some friends and
0:59-they referred me to Cyclistlaw and the
1:01-Lenore Shefman came to my house talk
1:05-to me about the accident and worked with
1:08-me throughout my recovery giving me
1:11-advice just on what to do and to go the
1:14-doctor and stuff like that and two years
1:17-later I don’t have to worry about the
1:20-medical bills anymore
1:21-um not only that but I’m I got a
1:24-settlement that pretty much covers any
1:26-future expenses as far as medical bills
1:31-are concerned I also slipped a disc so
1:33-I’m just really really grateful that the
1:37-Lenore Shefman came into my life and
1:39-Cyclistlaw did a great job pretty
1:41-much changed my life. I still cycle
1:47-there’s still some fear on the road but
1:50-I’ve overcome the PTSD that came from
1:52-the accident and I love riding my bike
1:55-and I’m just looking I can still do that



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