Austin Bike Attorney and Advocate

Being represented by a skilled bicycle accident attorney means you will be represented by someone who knows what it is like for cyclists on the road. As cyclists we worry about getting “doored,” right-hooked and our bicycle lanes just disappearing as we ride.

Please get involved by becoming a member of your local bicycle advocacy organizations. The Austin Cycling Association, and Bike Austin, are working to make local changes for Austin riders. Bike Texas is working on a macro level to effectuate the much needed change throughout the State without a specific focus on one particular city. As a community/constituency we can make Austin and the surrounding Central Texas Cycling Community stronger. We must build coalitions to do this and by becoming a member of your local bike advocacy organization we will grow our strength and voice.

Contact us so we can help you through the process of recovering and getting compensated for your losses. While no amount of money can give you back the amazing feeling of being on the road on a bike before the crash, there is no way a driver can ever truly give back what they have taken from the rider.

Most bicycle accidents occur where the driver of the vehicle that hit the rider violated a right-of-way or “did not see the bicycle”. Knowing how to overcome the prejudices that many car drivers/jurors have towards cyclists is as important as knowing the law. We at the Shefman Law Group understand what it is like out on the road. Attorney Shefman is an active Board Member with Bike Texas.