Power to the Pedalers.

Bicycle Riders

Power to the Pedalers

Like motorcycle riders, bicycle riders experience prejudice in our car-centric society. They also face drivers who don’t notice them or who are downright hostile to sharing the road with them. Here in Austin, increased competition for space on the streets can make just getting around town on a bicycle an intimidating experience.
As part of both the motorcycling and bicycling communities, Lenore knows exactly what to look for in litigating a case like yours and how to navigate your claim with the insurance company. She knows the behavior of other road users and what it’s really like for riders when they’re dealing with inattentive or even hostile motorists. This firsthand knowledge makes Cyclistlaw a bicycle accident and injury law firm that can advocate powerfully for you.

Areas of Expertise

Cyclistlaw has successfully handled a wide range of personal injury cases for bicycle riders who have every much a right to the road as the motorist whose negligence can sometimes cause them great harm.


Traumatic Brain Injury

Spinal Cord Injury

Disc Herniation (Slipped Disc)

Disc Bulge


Laceration of Internal Organs

ORIF surgeries (Open Reduction Internal Fixation-plate and screws)

Facial Reconstruction following full frontal face plant on motorcycle or bicycle without full face helmet

Skin Degloving