SXSW on Two Wheels – Quick Tips for Bikes

B-Cycle bikesIt’s that South-by time of year again in Austin and with the great music, speakers and all of the parties comes gridlock and street closures making two-wheeled transportation your best option for quickly navigating your way to the most events. Here’s a few quick pointers to make cycling around the city during a festival easier.

1) If you don’t have a bike, there’s always the new, shiny B-cycles rentable at multiple stations downtown. There’s also a variety of rental options (check out AustinPost’s list here) and SXSW badge holders have access to Tern folders.

2) Accessorize. Lights and lock are required, helmet is a good idea and a bell can be useful for alerting the sea of pedestrians and cars that come with downtown during SX.

3) Keep an eye out for those aforementioned cars and pedestrians, they’re not always looking for you.

4) Stay off the sidewalks. We know, its tempting to take off past the gridlock, but sidewalks can be more dangerous than the bike lanes.

5) Signal, signal and yield. People are everywhere downtown, let them know what you’re doing by signaling and yield to the pedestrians.

6) Try to stick to bike-friendly routes. North to south has Nueces, Speedway through the Capital to Congress and San Jacinto. Keeping a few blocks south of 6th to travel east/west is usually slightly less crowded and there’s an easy bike-path crossing under I-35 by the Convention Center on 4th.

7) Lock up every time you leave your bike. There are a lot more bike racks downtown than in previous years – use them. Watch for no bike parking signs because sometimes they’ll remove your bike.

8) Go slow. No matter your wheels, it’s slow going but biking is still faster than walking or driving. The faster you go the harder it is to dodge the power partier on their cell phone stepping directly in your path.

9) Don’t ride drunk. You CAN still get a ticket for impairment on a bicycle. Plus it’s just not a good idea. Play it safe and take a pedicab instead.

10) Wanna get downtown and walk? Motorcycle parking is always free downtown, if you can find a space and CapMetro has several stops along key SX zones.

Have fun, ride safe and remember, CyclistLaw – we’ve got your back.

3 Key Ways for Motorcyclists and Bicyclists to Avoid Injury

Motorcyclists and Bicyclists

Motorcyclists and Bicyclists

As personal injury attorneys for bikers and cyclists it is our goal to reduce the number of injuries suffered by our clients so everyone can enjoy what they love most, riding. Here are three tips to hopefully help avoid injuries caused by negligent drivers.

When you are riding behind a car in traffic, make sure you have an “out” if the car stops suddenly. Ride to the side and closest to the shoulder or a clear path out of any sudden movements by the motorists ahead.

When you are approaching an intersection and cars or trucks are turning right, move to the left of the bumper of the vehicles ahead of you and do not move to the right, maintain a safe distance because motorists may not notice you.

Many motorcycle and bicycle collisions could be avoided if other motorists simply saw the cyclist prior to the collision. Watch for drivers making a left hand turn across your path. Left hand turns in violation of a motorcyclists right of way are a leading cause of injury to motorcyclists.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call The Shefman Law Group or visit our website for more tips on motorcycle safety:  and or for bicycle safety and laws:

“The Moth Effect” Bikes and Lights, Rules to Ride By

Marc Green is a Human Factors and Visuals Expert. He wrote a very interesting article on THE MOTH EFFECT. So, What is the Moth Effect? The study is worth reading. The summary is captured at the top, indicating despite the Moth Effect riders should employ lights, as many as possible, and preferrably flashing. The article discusses drivers leaving the road and being directed at the subject of their focus fixation.


The author writes, “The likely explanation for the moth effect is imprecision in knowing where the eyes are pointed. In order to perceive a stable world, the brain is constantly monitoring the direction of gaze. It is one of those critical mental operations necessary for survival that operates outside of awareness. If the brain did not know where the eyes were pointed, for example, the world would jump every time we made an eye movement.”



Take a few minutes to read the article. The information is invauable especially for riders at this time of year when days are short and nights are long.


Cyclistlaw Attorney’s Top 7 Crowdfunding Projects for Bikers and Motorcyclists

We are huge fans of individual and collaborative creativity, the tenacity, and the drive shown by these crowd funding projects, we are helping fund a few. Which are your favorite bike or motorcycle crowdfunding projects?

1. The Cricket Silent Alarm for Would Be Bike Thieves-This little gem boasts the ability to make would-be theives scarce by signaling to you via your smart phone that basically your bike has moved. This could cause some annoyance with every new bike that saddles up to the bike rack, but hey! they met their funding goal.

2.The Austin local Cycling Chamois Panty-Christine Guzman is a design extraordinaire. These chamois panties speak for themselves and met their funding goal almost over night.

Christina Guzman’s Chamois Panties

3. Motorcycle Visibility- Vololights alerts drivers behind you to your rate of deceleration whether you are engine braking, downshifting or using brake levers. 

4. Rideye, Blackbox camera for bikes- Rideye is an objective, omnipresent witness that protects you against hit-and-runs and false claims. It’s the world’s first black box camera for your bike.

Rideye Black Box for Bikes

5. The smart wheel sorta electric bike- Lightweight and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle.

6. Motorycycle Audio Book -This fits into the “self-help” section of the book shelf.

7. Bike Rack for Share Cars, also an Austin creation –  the world’s lightest and most portable bike rack, designed exclusively for Smart Cars.