Bill Collectors

After a serious personal injury requiring hospitalization or trauma treatment, our clients will often receive bills that either their insurance did not cover and/or from the hospital and professional service providers because the client was uninsured at the time of the collision. Bills from hospitals, professional service providers, doctors, ambulance, and other health care treatment providers relating to a personal injury can be overwhelming, especially when you are doing your best to just get better. Do not let these bills just get ignored, they can affect your credit.

The Shefman Law Group most of the time can assist clients with handling of these bills. Some service providers such as hospitals, ambulance, and doctors will allow for an agreement for payment following recovery from a third party responsible for your injury. The health care providers that treated you following the injury accident won’t be able to negotiate after your bills have been turned over to an outside bill collection company. It is important that these matters be negotiated as soon after your injury accident as possible.

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