Health Insurance

Health care and health care insurance can often be the biggest fear, concern and worry for those injured by others negligence. Naturally it makes sense that the party that caused your injury should take care of your medical care. Our system of justice is unfortunately not that swift and determining what amount an insurance company for the negligent party will pay can take months, sometimes even years. Being uninsured can often mean that you do not think you have any treatment options. It is hard to know what every persons options are following a personal injury accident where the victim is uninsured, but there are several. Our office can help you navigate through the various community treatment options that may be available to you without health care insurance.

Some health care providers will work with you on what is referred to as a medical lien. A lien is a legal term of art that refers to your promise to pay from your recovery from the party that injured you. Not all medical treatment providers will work on a lien, in fact, very few will. It is important to know what your options are early in your need for care. Contact the Shefman Law Group so that we can help you with navigating the difficulties of receiving medical treatment following a personal injury. Call today (512) 386-8117 or toll free (877) 366-7677.