Property Loss

Dealing with your own insurance company or the insurance company of the person or entity that caused your personal injury is not advisable without a skilled and knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

There are things you should know before talking to any insurance company representative even your own insurance company. Property damage claims can be resolved, often quickly and painlessly.

If there is a dispute over liability the party that is responsible for your personal injury and property damage may not agree to provide compensation for your loss right away. Your own insurance company may provide compensation so that you can receive payment and replace or repair the damaged property. It is important to know that speaking to your own insurance company also has its risks.

Most insurance companies require you to provide a recorded statement prior to assisting you or even hearing your claim. Thus, it is important to speak with someone such as a personal injury attorney that knows the ways in which the insurance companies save money by not helping even their own insured. Contact the Shefman Law Group if you have been personally injured by another persons negligent act (512) 386-8117 or toll free (877) 366-7677.